Why go to a Tohapi campsite this summer?

Why go to a Tohapi campsite this summer | triumph-hotels

From small accommodations to large establishments, campgrounds attract thousands of travelers every day throughout the year. Many of them choose a Tohapi campsite in France or elsewhere, and we explain why.

The diversity of camping offers and prices at Tohapi

If you’ve never stayed on a campsite, you may not know that there are different types of accommodations. Via camping expert Tohapi you have access to more than 200 destinations in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia and the Netherlands. These are chalets, mobile homes, yurts and furnished tents, by the sea, in a water park, in the countryside, in the mountains and in various other interesting locations. If you’re interested, take advantage of a Tohapi promo code valid for this summer 2022 to save even more on your stay.

The warm welcome and the cleanliness of the accommodation

The services of a campsite can be more or less complete and the activities offered vary from establishment to establishment, but cleanliness and a warm welcome are basic criteria. These are standards required even in a 1 and 2 star campsite. Tohapi campsites are selected according to very strict criteria of comfort, safety and hospitality, with a preference for high ratings of 3 to 5 stars. 3-star campsites offer you satisfying offers at all levels at prices that are always affordable, making them the choice of many travelers.

Security and privacy of visitors

Campsites have a community character, especially when it comes to tents and mobile homes in a location by the sea or a lake. You share the space, as well as various facilities and services, with other visitors. It is therefore important to choose a campsite that offers you a warm interactive experience while protecting your privacy and guaranteeing your safety. You can check this by reading the descriptions of the Tohapi campsites and by consulting the photo book.

The activities on offer satisfy all tastes

One of the great peculiarities of campsites is the diversity of activities they offer, which varies greatly from establishment to establishment. Tohapi is known for the unique experiences it offers its visitors through dozens of activities for all ages. Children’s playgrounds and sports practices are available throughout, as well as water activities such as kayaking and canoeing. You can also choose your campsite according to a specific theme: sea, water park, indoor swimming pool, attractions, spa, nature, mountains or entertainment for children.

Cancellation insurance at Tohapi campsites

It is not uncommon to have to cancel a reservation at the last minute, but the chances of a refund are often minimal. Tohapi Camping offers cancellation and interruption insurance that covers various situations, such as a health problem, a disaster or an unavoidable professional commitment. Cases related to COVID19 are also handled, for example a denied boarding after a temperature measurement.

Do not hesitate to contact the platform’s customer service and the managers of the campsite in question (contact details are in the descriptions) for more information.

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