Why go on holiday to Mongolia? 3 big advantages

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To spend a peaceful vacation, the interesting destinations presented by the world are many. Mongolia, located in the east of Asia, is one of the most pleasant. Find out here why you should choose such a destination for your next holiday.

To discover the fauna

If you love animals, an adventure in Mongolia will not disappoint. Horses, camels, yaks… Breeding them is one of the most common activities in this part of the world. The nomads of the country have a close bond with their herd. These beasts serve for the most part as a means of transportation and as a source of food.

If you have your visa for Mongolia and you make the journey, you won’t be able to resist the idea of ​​long drives in the country’s steppes for long.

To discover a beautiful flora

The flora in Mongolia has everything to please you. This part of the world is indeed a region of wide open spaces. Due to its special geographical position, the country offers different landscapes:

  • Valleys
  • green steppes
  • to put away
  • meandering rivers
  • crystal clear lakes
  • sable dunes.

A rare diversity that delights all visitors. If you are a nature lover, this is the right place for your vacation.

Discover a certain way of life

The way of life in Mongolia is very special. It is similar to what is visible in an urban environment. On the prairies, however, non-native farmers live in yurts, follow in the footsteps of their animals and produce their own consumer products.

like you make the journey To live a pleasant adventure and fully participate in Mongolian culture, there is nothing better than living at the pace of a nomadic family during a stay.

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