Which museum to visit in Canada?

Which museum to visit in Canada | triumph-hotels

Are you passionate about discovering museums? This article is made for you. We will indeed see the museums not to be missed during your stay in Canada.

Maison MacKenzie

The former residence of Toronto’s first mayor is now a museum who would be haunted by his ghost. Before you start believing that all of Canada’s history has been peaceful and pleasant, stop by the Mackenzie House to quickly dispel your assumptions. After leading the Rebellion of 1837, the city official and radical journalist was forced into exile in the United States.

Bata shoe museum

One of the city’s unique hotspots, this museum de la shoe has been collecting and displaying cool shoes since the 1940s, although the current building in the annex has only been around since 1995. lesson ever. It will be an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Hockey Hall of Fame

This museum dedicated to Canada’s national sport is filled with hockey memorabilia. Why is this museum exceptional? In this ice-obsessed country, it’s almost a rule for visitors to pay tribute to Canada’s ice hockey greats. Visit the permanent home of the Stanley Cup, compete in the Shoot Out simulation against famous players, and browse the unrivaled collection of jerseys and other memorabilia in the sprawling Tissot World of Hockey area.

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