What activities to do in the Drome?

What activities to do in the Drome | triumph-hotels

The Drôme is a country with many faces to discover. It has an immense territory where nature reigns, from the Alps to the gates of Provence. It is a paradise for sports enthusiasts, families and gourmets between mountains, rivers and forests. Here are some activities not to be missed in the Drôme.

Go on safari in Peaugres

The zoo has been a must-see safari spot for local children since it opened in 1974 and is a popular destination. During the day holiday in the Drôme, it is a dream for young people on more than 80 hectares of land. After walking around, the kids can rest or have a picnic in this more traditional zoo. There are more than 100 species and 1000 animals in total. Young people can let off steam in a playground and use facilities such as toilets and showers.

Discover the Vercors Regional Natural Park

The beautiful surroundings of the Drôme also deserve to be discovered. The Vercors Regional Natural Park is an excellent playground for this: exceptional flora and fauna, including some protected endemic species such as the bearded vulture, have taken up residence in this natural citadel. Kilometers of hiking trails through the GTV (Grande Traversée du Vercors), a dozen winter sports centers, waterfalls, caves and cavities can be reached on foot, on skis, by bicycle or on horseback. Caving is popular, as is paragliding and via ferrata flights.

Sail on the Isère with a pedal boat

At the end of the huge aqueduct you will find the departure of a paddle steamer! What could be more fun than paddling on the Isère, going to Romans for a little water ride? The slowness of a pedal boat allows you to discover the reed-covered banks, where many birds nest. A great family activity where you can be rocked by the waves. Why not go to the Grotte de Thaïs, just next door, at the exit?

See the hanging village and bridge water museum in Royans

Discover the amazing building achievements of this village when you’re in town for a summer vacation. Go to the beach for a picnic and discover the small water museum. If you take the small but beautiful route of the Bourne ravines you can visit the beautiful cave from Choranche in Isere!

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