The most beautiful canyoning spots

The most beautiful canyoning spots | triumph-hotels

During World War II, the Vercors was historically a center of French resistance. Indeed, the mountainous geography was conducive to hiding and resistance. Today it is a place managed by a PNR (Regional Natural Park), an El Dorado for hiking and mountain sports. In this article we are going to tell you about a sport, canyoning, which consists of descending rivers by swimming, hiking, abseiling in waterfalls or through natural jumps and slides. There are as many as 60 canyons in the massif. Here is a selection of the most interesting routes.

Initiation canyons located in the Vercors massif.

The Gorge of Furon

It’s perfect for getting started with the activity. It is located a few kilometers from the city of Grenoble. It includes jumps of up to seventeen meters, natural slides and abseiling with the famous 20-meter Tuff waterfall. Doing canyoning in Furon will allow you to put your foot in the stirrup and catch the canyoning virus. It is aimed at beginners. Its effort is quite moderate and it is therefore easily possible to get out of the gap in case of problems. The Furon Gorge will be especially recommended during the hot summer weather to cool off in this canyon dug in the heart of the forest.

The Versoud Gorge

This canyon is also recommended for an initiation in peace. It is a concentrate of canyoning. Indeed, all the obstacles are connected back to back with almost no part of the walk in between. It is possible to install ziplines, jump up to 10 meters high, slide on the few natural slides formed by time. Note, however, that this gorge is currently off limits due to a problem on the access path. Working on a pipe prevents reaching the start of the course. The town hall has issued a prefectural ban until the end of the construction site.

The famous Ecouges Gorge

Located between Valence and the Grenoble basin, Les Écouges or the descent of the river La Drévenne remains the emblematic course of the Vercors. Jumps, natural slides and dreamscapes accentuate the descent. From the road you can see the last waterfall of the first part, which is 70 meters high. However, the Ecouges are reserved for experienced practitioners, a mistake can be very expensive. The throughput is generally high. Especially in the first part, the stakes are maximum. In case of problems it is impossible to leave the canyon. This gorge attracts enthusiasts from all over France. There are regular tests for the training of future canyoning guides who pass the DE Canyonisme so that they can work for a fee.

The great verticals of the Vercors.

The upper part of the Versoud Gorge

Lovers of this sport like abseiling and passing aesthetic waterfalls. The Vercors has shaped descents with huge waterfalls of more than 100 meters. The upper part of the Versoud Gorge offers a height of 150 meters that can be split into several abseils.

Le canyon de Ruzand

The Ruzand Gorge just before Saint Marcellin offers a 150m waterfall with a memorable hanging belay. This gap is done when there is no wind. Otherwise, this watered relay can turn into a real torture and act like a whip whipping in the wind. Like the Ecouges, this course is reserved for seasoned and passionate practitioners.

The largest waterfall: Moulin Marquis.

Finally in the Vercors Drôme is the gorge of Moulin Marquis with a kind of labyrinth of abseiling descents that allow the descent of a 360 meter waterfall. Bring your compass and a map as it is very easy to get lost in this huge waterfall. In addition, the relays are not always equipped and it is often necessary to descend on trees. The Moulin Marquis remains the most vertical gorge in the region and one of the highest waterfalls in France. A special day awaits you in this Drôme gorge. We are looking for routes more than a classic canyon descent.

The Neyron was the art of canyoning while all other courses are raw.

For true addicts, it is out of the question to spend a weekend without putting on the wetsuit. That’s what the Neyron is for. It is a canyon that is almost always dry, except during intense rains. It is practical because it is quite possible to do canyoning after mega storms in this gorge that still consists of a 40-meter waterfall. Another peculiarity of this gorge is the heart-shaped basin. Nature knows very well how to convey messages of love.

Canyoning and caving: the river Gournier.

Even leaving the fields of canyoning, you should know that the Vercors is home to one of the most beautiful underground rivers in France. The river Gournier goes back and forth, offering exceptional underground views. In general, the whole massif is a real Swiss cheese and offers the opportunity to traverse numerous gorges, rivers and basins buried underground.

In short, the Vercors massif is really a wonderful place to practice canyoning. Other activities are possible, such as caving, rock climbing in winter, multi-pitch climbing on the foothills of the eastern balconies, ski touring or cross-country skiing. Located between Grenoble, Valence and Die, this region is both wild with a varied and well-preserved fauna and flora and close to major communication routes, making it a top place to live. You will be able to find work and at the same time you will burst the weekends in completely unusual places.

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