Spends his holidays on Mont Ventoux. What pleasure to live?

Spends his holidays on Mont Ventoux What pleasure to live | triumph-hotels

The department of Vaucluse offers you the opportunity to discover a Provencal landscape and a place rich in activity. It is in the heart of Mont Ventoux that you can enjoy a quality stay. It is the perfect destination for the biggest cycling enthusiasts. Known for the famous Tour de France, Mont Ventoux has become a national reference for exciting holidays. Let’s discover why Mont Ventoux is an idyllic destination for your holiday.

A unique travel destination

Enjoying your holiday on Mont Ventoux means above all being overwhelmed by this great mountain of 1622 meters in height and 1910 meters in height. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Let yourself be seduced by this beautiful and panoramic view of Provence, the Luberon and the Mediterranean Sea. Your holiday starts with this ascent of Mont Ventoux, where you can climb the mountain on an electric bicycle.

Your journey can only be unique and rich in discovery and thrills. Of course, Mont Ventoux retains many other peculiarities in terms of locations and accommodations. So for a first on Mont Ventoux, contact a Agence the location Slow Provence to find the best vacation rentals for you.

A privileged destination for nature lovers

By leaving in the region of Provence, you also benefit from an exceptional nature. You will be pleasantly seduced by the biodiversity of Mont Ventoux. Nature is also conducive to the practice of aerial sports, namely paragliding, hang gliding, parachuting, climbing, etc.

You can also enjoy the landscape while cycling. You can criss-cross the course at your own pace via a cycle path. You also have about fifteen marked routes to visit the region by bicycle. You can also take advantage of guided tours according to your choice.

Many activities for the well-being of holidaymakers

Going to the Vaucluse is not only good for nature adventurers, but also for all people who want to seek well-being during their holidays. Then discover the many establishments dedicated to this, namely beauty centers, artists’ studios, shops, etc. But even the greatest science enthusiasts will be able to visit the observatory and thus contemplate the sky in 360°.

A beautiful land of delicacies

Spending a pleasant holiday on Mont Ventoux also means enjoying the richness of the local products. You will taste the famous cherries of the Monts de Venasque or the strawberries of Carpentras while passing the Muscats of Ventoux.

The various products come from the most characteristic villages of the region: Roussillon, Brantes and Mazan. This land of delicacies also deserves a look at the region’s harvests, orchards and vegetable gardens. Finally, what would the region be without the unmissable restaurants, namely:

  • the big bistro,
  • the field of moons,
  • or the old fountain of Vaucluse.

You will not escape tasting local gastronomic specialties.

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