Some essential activities to try while staying in Guadeloupe

Some essential activities to try while staying in Guadeloupe | triumph-hotels

Are you planning to visit Guadeloupe during your next vacation? In addition to its heavenly beaches, this archipelago is strong in its incredible history. Guadeloupe’s rich culture and diverse landscapes make it the premier destination for vacations in the sun, but you still need to find the right activities. What to see and do in Guadeloupe?

Discover Pointe-a-Pitre

Pointe-à-Pitre is one of the largest cities on the island of Grande-Terre. She is also the most famous. As one of the must-visit cities in Guadeloupe, it has some nice surprises in store for you. If you want to discover this great city in complete freedom, the ideal is to rent a vehicle from a specialized company, JPM location For example.

During the tour, make a stop at Place de la Victoire. It is so named because of the victory of the French over the English. Lined with old colorful houses since the colonial era, it stands proud in the city.

Pointe-à-Pitre is also a historical and cultural city thanks to its monuments and museums. Do not hesitate to discover the old infantry barracks and the beautiful front of the Church of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul. Also don’t forget to visit the ACTe monument.

Finally, you cannot visit Pointe-à-Pitre without visiting its famous markets. You can explore Saint-Jules Market, Saint-Antoine Market, Flower Market and La Darse Market.

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of scents, flavors and colors as you browse the various stalls. Among the artworks, local fruits and spices on offer, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Do outdoor activities

If you want to explore Guadeloupe in a different way, it is best to opt for outdoor activities. Why not start with a sea voyage? Rent a boat and you’re done.

You can also choose to hike on the beautiful trails of Guadeloupe. The walk immerses you in an incredible environment full of contrasts where mangroves, humid or dry forests, sea coasts and waterfalls await you.

In addition, the archipelago of Guadeloupe is the ideal environment for numerous outdoor activities. Among the activities that could interest you during your stay, you can distinguish:

  • racing in a buggy;
  • The discovery of landscapes aboard a quad bike;
  • The adrenaline rush with a jet ski.

You can also take a walk on the Route de la Traversée. Also known as the Route des Mamelles, this 35-kilometer crossing links Petit-Bourg to Pointe-Noire. It immerses you in the heart of wild nature with a detour through the National Park of Guadeloupe.

Taste the gastronomy of Guadeloupe

It would be a pity if after running all online proceedings to visit Guadeloupe you cannot enjoy the local gastronomy. This one will surely make you travel in a colorful universe full of flavours. Tasty, spicy and above all surprising, the dishes from Guadeloupe leave no one indifferent.

At the edge of a heavenly beach or in a restaurant, don’t forget to taste the famous accras. These are tasty, very spicy cod fritters. Let yourself also be tempted by the boucané chicken, a famous local dish often served with rice.

Finally, if you like snacking, you will undoubtedly be tempted by a bokit, the famous Guadeloupean sandwich fried in a pan with oil. You can accompany this dish with a delicious fruit juice to enjoy through a straw.

Visiting Guadeloupe on your next vacation is an excellent choice, especially with these activities to try.

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