How to have a good time in Saint Nazaire?

How to have a good time in Saint Nazaire | triumph-hotels

Indeed, it is no longer a matter of going to the end of the world to experience an unforgettable journey. Saint Nazaire welcomes you with open arms. You will be spoiled for choice with the activities available in this city in the west of France. Moreover, you have the ocean at your feet with the beautiful beaches of this seaside city. Without further ado, discover the activities and attractions in Saint Nazaire.

Places to visit in Saint-Nazaire

This beautiful city offers a multitude of places to absolutely visit. First of all, you can admire the beautiful ship in the port of Saint-Nazaire like no other. It is always a beautiful sight highly appreciated by tourists and locals alike. You can also check what to do in Saint Nazaire.

Then there are the parts of the city that invite you to take a stroll. You can see different atmospheres in Méan-Penhoët, Havana. Don’t forget to take a short tour of the Petit Maroc district.


In fact, there are two districts: Méan and Penhoët. Many people from the port of Brivet live in Méan, such as sailors, fishermen and other farmers. The latter also benefit from the advantages of the shipyards of the port of Penhoët. During your walk, go to the port of Méan, the halls, the wheelbarrow paths…

Little Morocco

This district is located between the Loire and the Saint Nazaire basin. In addition, it has been a historic district since the 15th century. While walking in Petit Maroc, don’t forget to walk along the historic basin, built between the years 1848 and 1856. Apart from that, you have the two locks in the west of the basin and the one in the south. In addition, there are bars and restaurants for refreshments and food during the walk. It would also be nice to visit the Ecomuseum, especially in July during the festival “Les escales”. In fact, it happens every summer.


It is also a historic district with a decor from 1900. In quiet streets you will find beautiful villas. Indeed, a nice walk to relax is essential. In addition, this district was also known as an industrial and port city in its time. In addition, it offers a panoramic sea view for a pleasant stay in the sun.

The essential activities in Saint Nazaire

You are probably active during your holiday or stay. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed in Saint-Nazaire. In addition, many activities are available.


An early morning adventure is sure to captivate you. So take a walk by the sea to start the day off right. An idea to facilitate your work, the customs path “the GR34” is perfect with its view of the coast. In addition, it offers a beautiful landscape with beaches and coves and its green vegetation. There are indeed maritime pines and holm oaks.

Bicycle tours

Besides walking, cycling is also fun. In addition, there are several circuits for cyclists, depending on your wishes. Maybe you want a course by the sea, in the middle of nature… Here are the routes to help you:

  • Velocean
  • The Loire
  • Saint-Nazaire in Roze-en-Briere
  • Saint Nazaire to Pornichet
  • The loop of charms from Brière to Saint André des Eaux
  • The Brière Islands wind between the port of Rozé in Saint-Malo de Guersac and the island of Fédrun in Saint-Joachim

Nautical activities in Saint Nazaire

Several beaches give you the opportunity to practice water sports. In addition, there is something for all categories, even beginners in the nautical bases.

To begin the adventure, you must first start gently. Sea kayaking would be perfect from 10 years old. Then bodyboard or skimboard before surfing. After that it is also possible to opt for the Polynesian canoe instead of the sea kayak.

As you already know how to have a good time there is surfing, windsurfing and catamaran sailing. In fact, its sports will provide more sensations for a better atmosphere during the holidays.

The beaches of Saint Nazaire

Saint Nazaire is known for these 20 beaches and coves. In addition, they are divided as follows:

  • 2 Handiplage certified beaches for people with disabilities.
  • 6 regulated and supervised beaches during the summer season
  • 1 mythical beach in the cinema with the film “Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot”
  • 3 with the Blue Flag beach.

These beaches are all made to give you a good time for young and old. In addition, children are entitled to a beach playground with:

  • Driftwood
  • The swings
  • Excavators
  • Forests and wooden castles

In addition, adults can go skimboarding. The creeks are also very quiet for a relaxation area like Port Charlotte and Petite Vallée.

The beach of Saint Marc sur Mer was the location of the shooting of the movie “Les vacances de Monsieur Hulot”. It is one of the most famous beaches for a great family atmosphere.

Among the beaches already mentioned below, you have the supervised beaches that are also very popular:

  • The big beach
  • Villes-Martin Beach
  • Porce beach
  • And the beach of Courance or Saint Marc Sur Mer

In short, Saint Nazaire is a destination par excellence to save money during your vacation. No need to prepare a big budget, you will have all the sensations you dreamed of during your stay. Just like on an island, you have beautiful beaches and nautical activities. Also you have quarters to take a good walk. In addition, it is an ideal place for a family stay with the games available on the beach. So get ready to have fun in Saint Nazaire.

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