How do you properly prepare for a trip to Bali?

How do you properly prepare for a trip to Bali | triumph-hotels

With more than 4 million inhabitants, Bali, nicknamed “the Island of the Gods”, is one of the most popular destinations in Asia. This Indonesian island, known all over the world for its beauty, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year and has an arsenal of riches. Solo travel, family or honeymoon, Bali remains accessible to everyone.

However, to ensure an unforgettable stay, it is important to be well prepared. Here are some tips for that.

Do the paperwork

Each visit to Bali requires you to go through certain administrative procedures. Whether it’s a simple city break or a business trip, you must go through it. Depending on the reason for your stay, it is therefore wise to have one more info for a trip to Bali.

Be that as it may, entry into this territory requires possession of a valid passport. A visa is also required to travel on the island. The steps to obtain it are carried out at the level of the Indonesian embassy a few days before your departure. The supporting documents that must be provided to obtain this entry permit include:

  • A dated, signed and completed form;
  • An identity photo;
  • And a copy of the plane ticket.

Apart from that, some health formalities are also necessary. Although they are not mandatory, they are recommended to enjoy your stay in peace. The necessary vaccines include typhoid fever, hepatitis A and B and DT-polio.

In addition, malaria, rabies, tropical flu (dengue fever) and bird flu are common in the area. Treatment for these diseases can also be helpful.

Choose your accommodation solution in Bali

Finding accommodation is essential before traveling to Bali. Various options are available. For tight budgets, homestays (or homestays) and youth hostels are recommended. On the other hand, if you have significant financing capacity, you can choose to stay in a hotel or a villa.

Resorts (tourist complexes) are the most expensive and luxurious accommodations in Bali. Also, if you plan to stay in the south of the island, a reservation on the Bukit Peninsula side is ideal. Apart from being affordable, you can also enjoy a western atmosphere and the pleasures that the seaside town has to offer.

Set a budget for the trip

Before any trip, it is important to determine the budget for your stay. It should take into account the costs of accommodation, food, transportation, activities and souvenirs you may want to take with you from your vacation. On average you have to plan 30 to 70 euros per night for a classic accommodation and 20 to 40 euros for a Guest House.

As for food, plan between 2 and 5 euros for a “street food” type meal and between 10 and 20 euros to eat in a restaurant. The mode of transport you choose also affects the overall budget. For example, car rental with a guide costs an average of 40 euros per day.

Basically, depending on the quality of service or life you want to benefit from locally, you will have to prepare accordingly. The various expenses mentioned do not include your personal purchases and the flight ticket.

Plan activities to do

Preparing for your trip to Bali also means planning your itinerary and the activities to do. Hiking, diving, surfing, etc., the island is full of countless entertainment options that will allow you to discover beautiful landscapes.

In addition, paradisiacal beaches are accessible for swimming sessions. On the coast, for example, Amed Beach is a black sand and pebble beach with a beautiful panorama. It also offers you the opportunity to go diving to explore the seabed and snorkeling.

There are also several places available for hiking enthusiasts that allow you to experience sensational moments. In addition, cultural activities allow you to discover the wealth of the island, through language, gastronomy, dance, music, etc. For an unforgettable experience, you can also take sculpting or cooking classes.

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