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A sea class is a school trip that in most cases lasts several days, even several weeks. Being a discovery lesson, it usually consists of going to the coast to discover not only the sea, but also the beach and everything around it. This type of school outing is beneficial for toddlers in many ways. Among other things, it is a golden opportunity for them to discover the marine fauna and flora and to practice all kinds of new activities. However, their teachers must ensure that the stay is organized according to the rules of the art. Here are the different steps you need to follow to do this.

Finance the stay

It should not be forgotten that a sea ​​discovery class is an educational project that should be organized well in advance at all costs. Several aspects are indeed to be expected. Since we are dealing with an optional school trip, it is indeed possible that parents refuse to allow their children to participate due to lack of resources. The first thing to do, therefore, is to find financing to reduce costs as much as possible.

Inform parents

Once we find funding for the sea ​​discovery class, it’s time to inform the parents. The idea is mainly to convince them to leave their children away from them for a few days by reassuring them as much as possible. Planning an information meeting will therefore be necessary. During this meeting, the teachers should present the activities to be done on site, a slideshow with photos of the reception place and the list of the different things to bring.

Prepare the administrative file

The last step is the preparation of the administrative file, which is nothing but the presentation of the school stay. We need to make 3 copies. They must then be sent to the academic inspection at least 8 weeks before departure. The file must contain an authorization request, the detailed program of the stay, the educational project, an information sheet on transport, the presentation of the place of reception, the diplomas of the accompanying persons and the accompanying rate.

Some ideas for places for this type of stay

In order for their students to take full advantage of this kind of school trip, teachers should organize it in a suitable place. Lucky for them, France is full of interesting places for one sea ​​discovery class. Here is a non-exhaustive list of those that are preferable.


For a sea class, Brittany is first and foremost an excellent option. One of the places most visited by students in the region is the Pénestin site in Morbihan. Besides the sea, this place offers the beach, fishing and countryside. The Lancieux site in the Côtes-d’Armor is also a must to enjoy a unique stay.

Atlantic Ocean

To make the little ones live an exceptional experience and go on a journey of discovery, the Atlantic Ocean, and therefore the west of France, is also a good choice. Among other things, teachers can organize the famous stay in the center of La Martière on the island of Oléron. By visiting this site, their students can discover the marine environment.

Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea, or the south of France, is another good option to organize such a school trip. For example, to let the little ones enjoy a piece of paradise characterized by turquoise water, their teachers can visit the Frioul site. It is an island with a privileged location, ideal for learning sea kayaking.

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