Discover the must-sees of Argentina

Discover the must sees of Argentina | triumph-hotels

Argentina is one of the most popular travel destinations in Latin America. The tours are organized in this country to let tourists enjoy the most attractive sites in the places visited. Discover the must-see destinations here as part of an organized tour in Argentina.

The capital Buenos Aires

In most organized tours in Argentina, the capital Buenos Aires is one of the places to visit. This is also one of the reasons that organized tours, the best alternatives for a successful trip to Argentina. Buenos Aires is a rather complex cosmopolitan city. To enable you to make an enriching tourism, the circuits offer guided tours in the characteristic neighborhoods.

El Caminito neighborhood is a very popular place in the city of Buenos Aires. It is embellished by beautiful houses with beautifully colored facades. You can also discover the Palermo district and admire the splendor of the Carlos Thays Botanical Garden.

Gastronomy is also rich and remarkable in Buenos Aires. The restaurants offer grilled beef accompanied by refreshing local drinks. You can also have fun watching a spectacular demonstration of Tango in town. These are the most exciting cultural events in Buenos Aires.

The city of Tiger

Tigre, still known as the Green Venice of Argentina, is a beautiful town north of the capital. It is a quiet and green city, built on the edge of the Delta of Parana. Your group can visit the city aboard a boat animated by a warm atmosphere.

What makes this small town impressive is the extraordinary architecture of its houses. The latter are built on piles on either side of the waterways. By crossing these roads, you can discover different types of craft (yachts, boats, ships, etc.). You can discover the full potential of Tigre with your group on a mini cruise. This way you can witness the wonders of the city by traveling through the canals and rivers of the Parana Delta.


The northwest of the country is also visited during tours to Argentina. In this region lies the province of Salta. Located in the famous lands of gauchos, it is home to the city of the same name. It is a place with an exotic atmosphere. It offers remarkable places and many unusual activities to amaze visitors.

Through a walk, the group can discover the beautiful landscape of the Quebrada De Humahuaca de Salta. This place is also called the mountain of 14 colors. Located at the top, you will benefit from an elusive view of the end of the world.

Also in the province of Salta is the Salinas Grandes, a salt desert of more than 120,000 hectares. The region is vast, you can get there by road trip or by train.

In some places, this route is more than 3,500 meters above sea level. It allows you to have a picturesque and lost view of the natural landscape.

Puerto Iguazu

It is a beautiful city located in the north of Argentina in the province of Misiones. In this city is the viewpoint HitoTresFonteras. It provides an overview of the confluence formed by the Rio Paraná and the Rio Iguaçu. This confluence forms a natural border between Argentina and two other Latin American states namely: Paraguay and Brazil.

Your group can leave from Puerto Iguazú to visit the Iguazú National Park. It is a must in Argentina thanks to its incredible waterfalls and the famous Devil’s Throat. The park offers a natural spectacle formed by more than 250 waterfalls and lush vegetation.

Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) waterfall is also located in this park. You can reach it on foot through a 6 km walk. The Devil’s Throat is a vertiginous gorge into which half of the river’s water falls.

Argentina remains one of the top tourist destinations in Latin America. The country offers must-see sites that relax and entertain visitors. To get the most out of this country, a tour remains the best option.

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