Discover the Malagasy culture

Discover the Malagasy culture | triumph-hotels

This large island in the Indian Ocean consists of people of different origins. This is one of the sources of its popularity all over the world. Madagascar is indeed very well known for its ethnic diversifications which are at the origin of the different cultures. This is also one of the objectives in tourist destinations. The discovery of a totally different way of life, of different tribal practices fascinates tourists. Some regions of the Big Island still show the authenticity of this culture. Some see it as a slowdown in planetary development, but others see this primordial lifestyle as the preservation of a tradition. For a country, the great wealth lies in preserving its customs and customs.

Art reflects Malagasy culture

It’s another thing to discover the products that are the result of the know-how of artisans from Madagascar, but it’s another thing to see them completely in their work. Malagasy art reflects its culture’s image of authenticity. Already at the first stopover of tourists, we have the opportunity to enjoy its wonders. Antananarivo is indeed the center of the accumulation of tourist products of the big island. You can already see examples of Malagasy art designed all over the country.

Each tribe of Madagascar offers authentic art that reflects its image. The Imerina, for example, are a people who follow a way of life of the outside world. Nevertheless, it has preserved some of the practices and cultural monuments that once made the glory of Madagascar’s capital. Reading through sites or books is not exciting enough, you have to be present at the rituals to feel the effect.

The Cultural Regions of Madagascar

In the Sakalava tribe, in Mahajanga, the month of June/July is meant to fulfill the tradition of the time of kingship. This is the “Fanompoambe” translated as the bath of the royal relics of the tribe. You also have the “Sambatra”. A tradition that brings all people together for a collective circumcision. It is practiced every 7 years in the Mananjary region within the “Antambahoaka” tribe. The island is rich in culture. Some may be known by editions such as “culture in Madagascar“. But there are others, unknown to everyone, due to their location at the extremities of certain regions.

You can also see the reflection of the Malagasy culture on the street. The board games you notice when you walk the streets of Antananarivo, people playing dominoes or “Fanorona”. Even at the level of distraction, these people find a peculiarity. Madagascar also lives in a world of music, music specific to its culture for traditional festivities such as the “Famadihana”. In the coastal areas you can attend the harvest festival. In Fort-dauphin you have the lobster festival, in Tamatave, “Avy letchi e! “, etc. It’s kind of a tradition to take credit all year round.

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