Choose two exceptional places for a perfect trip to Iran

Choose two exceptional places for a perfect trip to Iran | triumph-hotels

Located in Western Asia, Iran is an essential destination to discover the most beautiful facets of the Middle East. A land of history and a change of scenery, Iran is full of lavish places and cities that will delight lovers of knowledge. Admittedly, Tehran is already quite well known among backpackers for its diversity and grandeur.

However, other routes are worth the detour to fully admire the beauty of this authentic land. Such are the cases of the city of Isfahan and the village of Abyaneh, two places with crazy charms not to be missed in Iran.

Otherwise, stay on Iranian soil by going to the city of Isfahan

With an area three times the size of France, Iran is a country that has it all. This country has several tourist attractions that do not leave indifferent. Mountains, deserts, cities and villages follow each other in Iran to offer tourists an unforgettable vacation. For example, Ispahan is an enchanting citadel that will appeal to adventure lovers.

Ispahan, the former capital of the Persian kingdom, testifies to the loftiness of the country with its numerous important sights. From the architecture to the protected spaces, Isfahan perfectly encapsulates all the opulence of Iran alone. This facet is evidenced by the presence of the city’s finest works, such as Naghsh-e Jahan Square. Bearing witness to the grandeur of the Sfavid monarchy, Naghsh-e Jahan Square is a spectacle unique in the world. Note that the place has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

The other places not to be missed in Isfahan city

After Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Isfaha shines with a thousand lights with its other extraordinary unmissable sites. For example, in terms of protected areas, Isfahan has a few, mentioning only the famous Zoological Garden. During a trip to Iran, a detour to Isfahan will allow the curious to visit this gigantic aviary. On site, no fewer than 5,000 bird species adorn the garden, including specimens endemic to the country. However, the bird garden also contains Asian and African species. Each enclosure is arranged to match the habitats of each family.

For example, ornithology enthusiasts get the chance to see flamingos, ducks and even multicolored parrots, among other things. In addition, Isfahan also stands out for its majestic reliefs such as Mount Soffeh that adorns the south of the city. This is a great place for outdoor activities.

End your stay in style with a short stopover in the village of Abyaneh

Mandatory passage, but little visited between Isfahan and the center, Abyaneh is an Iranian village that deserves attention. Bollie in the heart of a mountain with many faces, Abyneh is a city not to be missed during a trip to Iran. Aside from its photogenic allure, this village represents the ancestral tradition of this land.

Indeed, the houses of this small Iranian suburb are far from images of modernity to feel the real total change of scenery during the journey.

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