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Bordeaux has so much more to offer than wine tours! You can spend an evening at the theater, dining at one of the restaurants or shopping while in town. Discover all these things to do in Bordeaux on our list of activities.

Majolan Park

If you are visiting Bordeaux and want to do something different during your stay, Parc Majolan on the outskirts of Blanquefort is a great tourist destination. Don’t forget to make the most of your trip find your apartment hotel in Bordeaux to must-see sites. If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of Bordeaux and spend time with your children, Majolan Park is a fantastic place. There is a lake, canals and even artificial caves to explore. Before it was a park, this area was a swamp. It is now a popular destination for residents of Bordeaux and Blanquefort, as well as tourists wanting to get out of the city for a while. Man-made caves and caverns are great fun to explore, especially with children. There is also a lake full of birds and other fascinating animals that your children are sure to enjoy.

Victory Square

André Portier built the Porte d’Aquitaine in 1748, making Place de la Victoire more monumental. Since 2005, another symbol has fascinated tourists and visitors: a 16-meter high column made by Ivan Theimer in red marble and bronze. This sculpture pays homage to viticulture and oenology, activities for which the city is renowned all over the world. The monument, which weighs more than 50 tons and is six meters high, is completely carved out of marble. Above are engraved bronze symbols representing the history and mythology of wine from ancient times to the present day. The shape of the column is unusual, it is spiral and indicates the development of the vine towards the sun. Whether you want to travel with family, couples or friends, Bordeaux is a must-see area for its picturesque areas.

The big bell

When you finally arrive at the city gate, its size will amaze you. The towers and bell are absolutely huge! But interestingly, they are hidden by all the little buildings and alleys that make up the center of Bordeaux. The Grosse Cloche is a massive conical hat in the old belfry of the city, which was built on the ruins of the Porte Saint-Eloy, a gate from the 13th century. Her medieval gothic design consists of two towers connected by a main structure that contains the Big Bell. The Grosse Cloche is now a fascinating tourist attraction in Bordeaux, but was once vital to the city as it served to warn the city’s inhabitants in case of fire or harvest. The bell features prominently in the town’s coat of arms and although the current bell is not the original one, it dates from 1775.

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